This may not seem like an important part of brewing but it is. Making sure everything is clean and sanitized is one of the most important parts of brewing. It is very easy to lose a batch to contamination. I have a 3 basin stainless commercial sink salvaged from a closed restaurant. This sink makes it very easy to clean and sanitize all the different equipment needed to brew beer and keg it. The sink also gives me counter area on each end to hold cleaned equimpent to let it dry. Having a large sink makes cleanup so much easier and keeps water from getting all over the room. You can see on the shelves above the sink the various chemicals I use to clean and sanitize. My favorite cleaner for normal things such as the MT, HLT and fermenter is cascade liquid. It cleans very well and rinses with no residue. For more difficult cleaning jobs like kegs and the kettle I use Oxyclean free which has no perfumes. It is the same as PBW but much cheaper. To sanitize I use star san and lots of it. Bar Keepers Friend is an excellent cleaner for stainless steel. It makes the stainless really shine.

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