Measuring Grains and Milling

Grain selection is alreay done since we stopped in the office to formulate our recipe. As you can see, I have quite a selection of specialty grain and base grain. The large white tubs hold a 50lb sack of base grain. I buy whole sacks at a time since I can use close to half a sack per batch and it is much cheaper to buy in bulk. The same goes for the specialty grain, each container holds 5 pounds of grain. While most recipes only use one or two pounds of each grain it's cheaper to buy five pounds at a time and save the rest. As long as the grain is in an air tight container and kept cool it will last for over a year before getting stale. I have some 2 year old grain that still tastes fine.

Now we must measure out the grain and mill it. To measure the grain I use a shipping scale. It works perfectly to place an empty bucket on it and pour the grains I'm measuring into the bucket. The smaller scale is for measuring hops. I run the measured grain thru my JSP MaltMill. The mill is powered by a surplus bodine motor with a direct drive hub. The mill chews thru any grain I throw at it with no problem at all.

Now that the grain is milled, it's time to actually start brewing...

On to the Hot Liquor Tun