When I remodeled my kitchen a few years ago I really wanted to find a way to incorporate a kegerator without having it stand out too much. I ended up using a chest freezer. I glued some veneer paneling to the sides to match the cabinets. I also finished the top of the freezer to match the countertops in my kitchen. The freezer holds and serves 6 kegs of beer. There is a 5# co2 tank in the cabinet next to the freezer along with a beer gas bottle for nitro serving. The freezer is controlled by an analog temperature controller. I build a collar using vinyl trim boards to allow an area for the taps to pass thru.


Draft Box

For my brothers 30th birthday party I was asked to brew and serve some beer. I made 6 different types of beer and needed a way to serve the beer without having to move around a heavy freezer of use up a ton of ice. I ended up building a 6 tap draft box. The box is made from a cooler and a cold plate. The cold plate is placed inside the cooler covered with ice water. The beer runs thru the cold plate and chills before it reaches the tap.



Drinking a nice cold beer is one of the best ways to enhance the fun of golfing. I was looking for a convenient way to bring along some homebrew without having to bottle it. I decided to make a golf bag with built in keg. The golf bag holds a 5 gallon keg in the front pouch and the clubs in the main compartment. A 20oz co2 tank pushes the beer from the keg. I use a neoprene keg jacket to keep the beer cold. The jacket keeps a keg cold for over 5 hours. You can't even tell there is a keg in the bag from the outside, besides the tap sticking out the front. I would highly recommend a cart when golfing with this bag!



I really like taking my beer to parties, poker night, and many other places to share with friends. Often times 5 gallons is just too much to lug around and I really don't like bottling. For this I have a 2 1/2 gallon mini keg with faucet attached to the keg fitting. For the co2 I have a 9oz refillable co2 tank attached to a very small adjustable co2 regulator. My brother Matt made the adapter to attach the tank to the regulator. This makes a very compact and easy to transport portable draft system.


Time to clean up the mess