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This may seem pretty boring but it's actually a big part of brewing. Why you might ask? This is where it all begins.

Every brewing session begins with some sort of recipe. Sure you could throw a bunch of grains in the pot and it might even be decent beer at the end. Without some sort of calculation there is really no way to know what the end result will be. I use software called promash to calculate all my recipes and brewing sessions. Promash helps formulate the amount of grains needed for a certain volume to hit a certain % alcohol. It helps determine just how much hops to use so the beer isn't too bitter or not bitter enough. It'll help figure out what yeast to use, how much water to use, and everything else necessary to calculate and plan the beer recipe and brew session. I have a computer in the brewery to keep track of the brew session and control beer supply inventory. Promash keeps track of ingredients used for a brew and subtracts them from the in stock inventory so I know exactly what I have left to brew another batch.

Another huge part of brewing is reading. Reading forums helps learn from others experience and ask questions you may have. Morebeer, The Brewing Network, and BrewBoard are a few of the boards I check frequently. If you have a question, you will find the answer there. Books and magazines are another invaluable tool for brewing. They can help you formulate recipes, try new brew processes, and troubleshoot any problems you may have. I have many books related to brewing from beginning to brew to super nerd books like Brew Chem 101 and Principles of Brewing Science. I get Brew Your Own and Zymurgy magazines, both are excellent resources for learning more about brewing. Brewing is like anything else, you can never know everything about it, there is always more to learn.


Lets head into the Brewery